Dual the bondage – dual the pain

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This latest Wired Pussy BDSM gallery shows now one, but two bondage girls being abused by a BDSM mistress who has gotten interested in electricity torture lately. You can only guess what’s coming for these two tightly roped in chicks -

Bondage Lesbian Girl

the wires are placed against all of the sensitive parts of their bodies, and they’re being shocked from time to time, just for the fun of it. They don’t like it, but there’s not much they can do about it.

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Gagged brunette finds out about new fetishes

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Well trained brunette slave with fit figure thought that whips and spanking were bad enough, but her master has just discovered a new fetish to try out. Electricity plays!

Electro Bondage Pussy

Now that’s something she definitely wasn’t expecting, and it was quite a shock with her pussy muscles twitched under the weak current. Slowly the power of shocks increased and she learned again that BDSM girls can always rely on their masters to find new ways to make them suffer.

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See a pretty blonde get fisted and buzzed

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Fit blonde teen from a local college wants to earn some spending money, and she thought that making porn would be quick and easy way to do so. What she didn’t expect was to fall into the hands of a real sadist who knows how to make a babe squirm.

Fisting Pussy

Tight bondage and fisting was just the start of it, there are wires connected to her fine tits, shaved pussy and her legs, and electric shocks are making her entire body shiver for her master’s pleasure.

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Lady in red gives her maid quite a shock

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Her maid wasn’t quick enough with doing her tasks, so her mistress has to punish her. She does so with a big grin on her face, she knows just what to do to her maid to make her feel pain and humiliation, some nude bondage is a start,

Girl Ass Bondage

but wiring her up and letting electricity run through her body is the ultimate punishment. She’s got a lot of time on her hands to punish the maid, and she uses it with pleasure.

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Two asian mistresses play with a busty western chick

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We all know how perverted Asian girls can get, and we’re talking about regular girls here, imagine how nasty can they get if you get to babes who just love playing with BDSM girls and making them suffer.

Femdom Lesbian Girl

These two porn stars have hired themselves a western friend, busty blond with lush curves, and they have quite a treat for her. They have learned a lot about electricity torture and erotica, and now they are putting that knowledge to practice.

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Three femdom ladies play with a waitress

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Pretty waitress has failed to bring exactly what the three high class ladies have ordered, and now she’s going to be punished for doing such a poor job. It’s not just a slap on the wrist either, these three are hot glamor femdom bitches with lots of skill in training bondage girls,

Best Bondage Girl

a single babe in their hands stands no chance. She’s down on her knees in no time, worshipping their feet and licking them while begging to be set free.

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Spicy hot femdom threesome

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If you think men going all dominant on a female ass can get nasty, you’ll definitely be surprised with this messy femdom threesome. Two pretty blond babes and a brunette are playing perverted games,

Bondage Girl Trio

one of the blonds is the sub one while the other two girls work their magic on her holes, making her squeal with pleasure and pain. Bondage girls in a threesome is a sight that no man can forget.

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Shy looking brunette is a good BDSM trainer

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You’d never think that this shy looking brunette is in fact a cruel mistress who has had plenty of bondage girls in her basement to play with. That innocent face goes sinfully well with a whip and a set of chains, and she knows it.

Bondage Amateur Girl

This time she’s got a friend over for coffee, but she decides to show her some of her hobbies that involve pain and humiliation as well as making some hot porn clips with BDSM girls theme.

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Electricity against her pussy makes her cry

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A cheating girlfriend has fallen into the hands on femdom friends of a guy she screwed over, and now she’s wishing very hard she never did such a bad thing. She’s tied up and exposed, completely nude, in all kinds of humiliating poses,

Crazy Bondage Girl

but that’s just the start. Even brutal spanking and tit games are not so hard to endure, but an electric coil against her snatch it, it’s making her shiver and cry, but to no avail, she’s just one of our bondage girls now.

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Huge tits redhead goes through a rough BDSM ride

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Now here’s a sight for sore eyes, a spicy hot redhead with a massive set of melons and with a thing for pain. Well, she doesn’t have a thing for it, her femdom mistress has and she knows just how to inflict maximum pain.

BDSM Girl Scene

Those massive tits got all tied up until they’re swollen and then she electrocuted them – extra spicy BDSM girls fetish that the poor redhead definitely was not ready for.

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